Ode to Female Friendship - Sirens
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A Pocket Full of Feathers - Sirens
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The Right Thing to Do - Sirens
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Nadia - Sirens
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And They Listened - Sirens
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Sirens was a big undertaking as it was nearly an hour and a half show and has music or sound throughout. 

It was fun playing with where the line between sound and music is and how those two merge. I created a lot of ambient textures which could turn into music or simple background sound when necessary.

Being through composed it gave me the chance to really support and tell the entire story with sound.

Sirens was also completely accessible for d/Deaf, hard-of-hearing and hearing audiences, and one of the cast was profoundly Deaf. 

I had a lot of fun using really subby bass and low frequency sounds, as these are often easier to hear or to feel the vibrations for some d/Deaf or hard-of-hearing people.*

The challenge was using these low frequency sounds, subby bass and strong drum beats without making it too intense for any of the audience. An exciting challenge!

*Unfortunately you won't get the full effect of these low sounds through laptop speakers or headphones and I have taken them down in these samples for that reason.